W.S. Martin Program

The Nutritional Science Council Research Committee, Iowa State University, is seeking proposals for funding consideration by the W.S. Martin Fund.  Proposals should be 2-pages and address new and innovative nutrition concepts.  Proposals should be directed at topics of research leading to the development of new knowledge relevant to human nutrition.  Proposals involving basic animal studies, methodology development, and/or human nutrition are encouraged. The total amount to fund or partially fund a project may vary from year to year, but is estimated to be $7,000 for 2015.   Funding can begin July 1, 2015, and projects should be completed within one year. Proposals will be evaluated and scored for their innovation (50%), adequacy of experimental procedures (25%), and direct or long-term relevance to human nutrition (25%).  Proposals should include within the 2-page maximum:

  • Title
  • Investigators and addresses (PI & Co-PIs)
  • Background
  • Specific Aims
  • Experimental Design
  • Rationale and Significance
  • Budget

Send electronic copy of the proposal to: 

Donald C. Beitz, Chair of Nutritional Sciences Council (dcbeitz@iastate.edu)

313 Kildee Hall

Proposals are due by May 8, 2015